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What is the difference?

Resin Art Toy, Vinyl Toy & Blind Boxes

Resin Art Toys

Resin Art Toys are usually made in series of small batches, and they are usually hand painted by the designer. These are made with resin, which is a high quality material that can take very fine details. Pieces are usually very limited (from 5 to 100 pieces) and they are normally offered once.

Vinyl Toys

Vinyl Toys are usually produced in large batches, starting from 100 pieces. Factory produced, the price range is low to medium. The vinyl material makes the pieces resistant, but also allow less details than resin.

Blind Boxes

100% mass produced at factory! Mota is available on her smallest version and economic, sold by collections of 12 designs inside mysterious boxes, where you won't know which one will you get!


About me

My name is Nuria Torras and I am the designer and artist behind moi moi mota. I was born in Spain, and studied Fine Arts and Illustration. I have been sculpting since 2011, when I founded the BJD brand Merry Doll Round. On 2018 I created Mota, and founded moi moi mota, a separate brand for my toys and other proyects more focused on design.


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