DIY Blank Resin Mota

DIY Blank Resin Mota



Paint Mota on your own! Mota is the perfect canvas to have fun and experiment. Mota has been casted in pure white resin and it has been profesionally casted and sanded to provide the smoothest surface, perfect to paint.



Recomended materials: Painting primer, acrylic paints, color pencils.

Material: Resin

Size: 12 cm 

Includes:  1 Resin Art Toy + 1 Resin Stand

Schedule:This Art Toy is ready to be shipped.


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  • Care Instructions

    This is an art toy, handmade painted on a fragile surface. Please handle carefully.

    • Keep away from direct sun exposure.
    • In need of cleaning, please use a moisten sponge or cleaning sponge. Rubbing too hard may erase the coating and painting.