OPEN "Royal Bugs" Mota Blind Box

OPEN "Royal Bugs" Mota Blind Box


First Mota Blind Box Collection "ROYAL BUGS" is out! This collection is based on an imaginary kingdom, where different insects and bugs become characters in a Medieval European Court! Some are princesses, maids, knights or buffoons, and of course, we have a rare to find Queen! This is a blind box collection! That means that there are 13 designs, and you don't know which ones you'll get! There are 12 regular designs, and 1 special design (Queen Bee) that is very rare to find! BUT! If you purchase the whole 12 box, you are guaranteed to get all differents designs on it! Size: ~9cmMaterial: PVC 


OPEN BLIND BOX INFORMATION: Now you can choose which one to buy! Check the list and pick your favourite or the one that your collection is missing!

Choose your Royal Bug

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