Resin Art Toy: "La Ratita Presumida" Mota

165,00 €Price
Description:One off inspired by the tale "La Ratita Presumida". Since it's a tale related to my childhood, I created her thinking ok what little Nuria would have loved. It has handmade hears and a tail created with needle felting technique, and a silk ribbon tied to the tail.   Material: Resin, wool, tulle, silk.Size: 12 cm + ears 
Included: 1 Resin Art Toy + 1 Resin Stand + 1 Certificate of Authenticity Schedule:This Art Toy is ready to be shipped.
  • Care Instructions

    This is an art toy, handmade painted on a fragile surface. Please handle carefully.

    • Keep away from direct sun exposure.
    • In need of cleaning, please use a moisten sponge or cleaning sponge. Rubbing too hard may erase the coating and painting.

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