"Royal Bugs" Mota Blind Box

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First Mota Blind Box Collection "ROYAL BUGS" is out! This collection is based on an imaginary kingdom, where different insects and bugs become characters in a Medieval European Court! Some are princesses, maids, knights or buffoons, and of course, we have a rare to find Queen!  This is a blind box collection! That means that there are 13 designs, and you don't know which ones you'll get! There are 12 regular designs, and 1 special design (Queen Bee) that is very rare to find! BUT! If you purchase the whole 12 box, you are guaranteed to get all differents designs on it!Size: ~9cmMaterial: PVC Pre-order information: Pre-ordered "Royal Bugs" blind box (both individual and sets) will be shipped between February and March 2020.
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